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“In Flow, Fin Goulding and Haydn Shaughnessy provide a wonderful combination of principles and practices for technology leaders, not only for improving their teams’ outcomes, but to help bring all other business stakeholders along on the journey too. Highly recommended.” 


– Gene Kim, co-author The Phoenix Project and The DevOps Handbook.

How you go about empowering people to work better is one of the most difficult challenges in the modern workplace. It can be traced back to how we design work. All “frameworks” are really structures, or hierarchies, of work. All structures lead from a high level idea, or work area, to a low level task or unit of work.

Project management is the most entrenched hierarchy of all. Scrum is not far behind. They provide benefits but have drawbacks. It is contradictory to empower people them give them rules to follow.

Flows principles of empowerment:

1. Smart people will create their own rules if they have the right guidance. In Flow we encourage value-seeking behaviour at all stages of work.  We want to be agile so we can find and deliver value. Value has traditionally been interpreted as less waste. We are pro-value. Pro-value ideals guide the work breakdown process.

2. To be pro-value you have to start with customers even before you think of products. You need to have a constant feel for how markets are changing and be ready to deliver, at pace. But you also need customers in your feedback loops so their experience informs work design and strategy.

3 .Because you have to work at pace, we aim to work in two-day cycles or less. The benefit is constant interaction guided by value. Because innovation is now more matrix-like, the level of interaction opens up the power and collective intelligence of the crowd.

A Customer-Centred Framework for Agile Transformation

Flow provides a simple, common sense way to break work down into areas of work and units of work. Work design is always visual and often just-in-time.

Everyone can see the work design and contribute to it. Everyone knows what work is coming their way. Work is always defined by seeking value for customer segments. It always incorporates customer feedback loops.

Agile Portfolio Management
We are on a mission to bring executives into the agile loop with Executive Portfolio Walls. In most organisations, waste starts at the top with pet projects and ill-considered investments. We want leaders to grasp the simplicity of change, and accept the need for empowerment and manage what comes next with Flow.
Flow Is An End-To-End System Of Customer-Focused Innovation, Visualisation And Feedback.
What Others Have Said About Flow

The essence of agility is enabling new behaviors and thinking to emerge throughout your organization. Fin and Haydn outline an actionable· yet minimal framework to innovate your ways of working and create a culture of experimentation and learning. The lessons, methods and tools shared in this book will provide you with an effective guide to succeed on your own journey towards higher performance, better results and flow.


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Flow helps large enterprises accelerate the pace & scope of innovation by integrating Agile & Lean with new principles of continuous innovation & continuous delivery. We also added a bit of secrete sauce. We do great upstream value anlayis to save waste getting into the flow of wokr. And we know how to get you designing a better operating model so you deliver!